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Looking for Spectroscopy Resources?

Find your spectra method below and use the tabs on the left to find resources.

And remember, your instructor is an excellent resource for spectroscopy help!

13C and 1H NMR

IR and Raman

IR Example Search
ChemInfo website tool for browsing spectra examples

IR Practice
Michigan State University Department of Chemistry practice with five spectra examples.
Chemistry Steps website practice problems
Sporcle quiz website IR Spectra of Functional Groups practice quiz
Sporcle quiz website IR Spectral Feature Match practice quiz

WebSpectra, Cambridge Isotope Laboratories and the UCLA Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry website established to provide chemistry students with a library of spectroscopy problems. Interpretation of spectra is a technique that requires practice - this site provides 1H NMR and 13C NMR, DEPT, COSY and IR spectra of various compounds for students to interpret.
University of Calgary website of Interactive Spectroscopy Problems
University of Alberta's Mastering Spectroscopy mobile and interactive learning application to assist students in the learning of organic spectroscopy
Spectral Zoo application provides numerous combined spectral problems (IR and NMR) for students to practice as they learn to interpret spectra.

Mass Spectrometry

University of Calgary website of 10 practice problems for identifying compounds based on their spectral data

MS Fragmentation
Michigan State University Practice Questions for Mass Spectrometry VII
Mendelset website Mass Spectrometry practice problems and problem sets for Mass Spectrometry


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