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Setup Course Reserves

Materials can be placed on Reserve by instructors for their students. Putting items on course reserve helps to ensure access to high demand items by the use of short loan periods.

Students can search for course reserve material by instructor or course name using LibrarySearch.

How to place an item on reserve

  • Library-owned material may be placed on Reserve by visiting the Service Desk
  • Instructor or department owned material can also be placed on reserve.
  • Information about the status and usage of course reserves is available upon request.
  • If you have questions, please contact the Service Desk at or 403.440.6019
  • Digitization of required course videos:
    • The Library will digitize existing DVDs/VHS tapes and provide them in streaming format for courses under specific conditions. See Digitization of Required Course Videos for more information.

Guidelines for placing items on reserve

  • Reserves are limited to high demand items.
  • Original publications (textbooks, monographs, print journals, etc.) may be placed on reserve.
  • In the case of book chapters, the full book will be placed on reserve in lieu of photocopied chapters. If fair dealing guidelines apply, digitization may also be an option for sharing a limited section of a book via D2L, see Excerpt Digitization for more information.
  • Where possible, books not owned by the Library may be purchased for the collection on an expedited basis and placed on reserve.
  • Journal articles held by the Library in a digital form and resources freely available on the web may not be placed on reserve.


Copyright related FAQs about Library Reserves can be found on the Copyright Libguide. For more information, please contact the Copyright Advisor at