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Citation Resources for History

What You Need to Know About Citation

Citation is the process of identifying the ideas and text of others which you have referred to in your own work. It is sometimes referred to as "documentation" or "referencing."

We cite our sources in order to:

  • Give credit where credit is due – to avoid plagiarizing
  • Give information about a source to allow others (i.e., your instructor) to find it

You need to cite:

  • In the body of the paper through footnotes (at the end of each page) OR through endnotes (at the end of the paper)

In History papers, bibliographies are different than in many other fields, and should include:

  • The sources you cited in your footnotes or endnotes, along with
  • Other sources you consulted in your research but do not refer to directly in your paper

Citing Primary Sources

The details required to cite a primary source in Chicago style vary depending on the type of source. If the type you need to cite isn't addressed in the MRU guide check one of the following: