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Where can I find data and statistics?

Banff Related Statistics

Google Site Search: Limit your search to municipal, provincial, federal, or intergovernmental websites

  • site:
  • site:org (IMF, UN, UNESCO, World Bank)

Search for articles, books, multimedia, and more

Search articles, books, multimedia & more

Google Scholar Search

Yes, Google does article searches! Go in through this link and find out what Google Scholar has that you can get full-text through our library.
Google Scholar Search

Ethical use of images

Before using images in reports or other materials, please ensure you have the right to reproduce the work. Many creators have given permission up front by assigning Creative Commons licenses to their work allowing for reproduction and reuse. Be sure to read the license carefully to ensure your use is permitted. You will also be required to cite your source according to the style you have selected.

Interested in checking the history of an image online? Try

Potential sources for images


Citation Resources

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