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Media resources


TIP: Look at the advanced search in each of these news databases, to limit your search to articles with pictures/illustrations or to search for advertisements. For more recent articles/ads, limit your searches to the last ten to twenty years.


(More digitized advertising collections can be found on the Penn State University "Advertising History and Archives" guide)

MRU Library video resources

Online video resources

The Internet Archive has a huge collection of archived video and image content.

Search for articles, books, multimedia, and more

Search articles, books, multimedia & more

Academic sources

These journals are searchable with MRU's library search, but can yield a higher proportion of relevant results if you search them individually. This is not a complete list of relevant journal titles.

Suggested search terms

When searching for academic materials, it's best to start simple. Start with a few keyword terms. Examine the resources you find to discover more search terms.


"Social issues"




Physical activity

Physical education

Body AND image

APA Citation

Your sources have to be cited using the APA citation style. For instructions and examples on how to cite in APA, please consult the MRU Library APA citation guides. You can also get help with citation from your librarian or from anyone at the Library Service Desk.

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