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Finding and Using Images

Presentations off campus have different copyright rules than in-class presentations. While it may be ok to use an image you found via Google in your in-class presentation, using that same image in a poster at an event off campus may violate copyright. This copyright guide, created by MRU's Copyright Advisor, will help you understand how you can use images in your assignments while still respecting copyright. MRU's Copyright Advisor can be reached at or 403.440.6618 if you have any copyright questions.

Here are some places where you can search for Creative Commons licensed or public domain images where the creator has given you permission up front for their reuse under certain conditions. 

Warning: Once you select an image, use a reverse image search like TinEye to confirm its origins. Some of the images in popular free image sites like Unsplash and Pixabay have been uploaded illegally from commercial stock image sites. 

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