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Retrieving books using call numbers

1. Search the Library's collection via the search box above, or the one on the Library homepage

2. Once you've found a relevant book, make sure it's available and note its call number. Below is an example of a record with the call number highlighted.

3. Let's go find that book! Call numbers starting with the letters A to L are located on floor 3, M is located on floor 2, and N to Z are located on floor 4. Here's what the stacks on floor 4 look like:

4. Each row has a sign that tells you what range of call numbers it contains. Everything is arranged alphabetically, so the N call numbers are found past the M section. The row containing our book (NC 1002. L63 C332 2007) is circled below.

4. Books are arranged by call number in alphabetical order on the shelves. For example: call numbers beginning with N are followed by NA, NB, NC; NC 1000 is followed by NC 1001, NC 1002, and so on. The book we're looking for is marked with a red arrow below. We found it!

Books on shelf showing call numbers

If you have any problems finding a book, ask the staff at the Service Desk for help.

Browsing by call number

Books relevant to interior design topics are found throughout the Library's collection. Here's a list of call numbers you might want to browse:

HF 5521 - HF 5547 - Offices
HT - Communities
N - Art, Architecture, Interior Design, Visual Arts
NA - Architecture
NB - Sculpture
NC - Illustration, Design, Drawing
ND - Painting
NE - Printing
NK - Decorative Arts, Applied Arts
QC 495 - Color
T - Technology (includes graphics & desktop publishing)
TH - Building Construction
TS - Manufacturing
TT - Arts and Crafts, Handicrafts (contains info on architecture and design, esp. in TT 196)
TX - Restaurants, Home Economics & Food
Z 1 - Z 549 - Books, Typography, Publishing

Search for Books in Other Libraries

Films on Demand

Google Books Search

Another great Google product! Find books online - some with limited content, some entirely online.

Google Book Search

Book Searching Tips

Finding too much?

  • Use AND between ideas to search for BOTH terms
  • Put “Quotation Marks Around Your Search" to search for exact phrases

Finding too little?

  • Use OR between your ideas to search for EITHER term
  • Put ? after the root of a word to look for multiple endings

For better searching, think of multiple ways to describe your topic

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