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What You Need to Know About Citation

Citation is stating where you got your information.

The reasons you cite:

  • To give credit where credit is due – to avoid plagiarizing
  • To give information about a source so people (i.e. your instructor) can find it

You need to cite:

  • In the paper (in-text citations)
  • At the end (reference list)

Citation Guides from Writing and Learning Services

There are citation experts at Mount Royal. Here are some resources they have created and ways to contact them.

Manage and cite your research

There are many reference manager programs you can choose from (even beyond the two listed here). Both do all the basics: manage your references, create in-text citations and bibliographies. You should pick the one that is right for you.

*Free at the moment, but was purchased by Elsevier in 2013.

Mendeley has three parts: Mendeley Web, Mendeley Desktop, Mendeley Citation creator. Install it on your own computer or use it on the library computers (we hope to expand it to more computers on campus soo).

Mendeley Web

  • Load the web importer into the toolbars of all the browsers  you use to be able to import lists of references from Google Scholar, PubMed and more
  • You can also download  – Desktop, Word plug in (citation generator)

Mendeley Desktop

  • Adding references to your Mendeley library - video tutorial
  • Drag PDF files from your desktop into Mendeley and they are automatically added!
  • Watch a folder - anything added to this folder will be indexed in Mendeley
  • Clean up citation info, add notes and tags
  • Open sources to add highlights and sticky notes
  • Remember to synchronize to Mendeley Web as you go

Generate citations with Mendeley

  • Video tutorial
  • Two options
    1. If using Word or Open Office you can use install a plug-in to create in text- citations and your reference list.
    2. Copy or drag and drop citations directly into your reference list (good if you are using Google docs)
      • You may find it simpler to select and right-click to copy citations from your library (though you will have to make your own in-text citations)
  • In Mendeley Desktop got to View>Citation Style > More styles to download Biochemical Pharmacology

 More Mendeley info can be found on their site, here:


  • Free open source program that integrates with your web browser.
  • Minimal storage capacity unless you upgrade ($)


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