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Librarian Introduction

How to use these videos

This page contains videos on how to use many of the search interfaces available at MRU Library. 

Some of the videos are quite long. Longer videos have chapter markers to make it easier for you to skip between different sections. To access the video chapter markers, open the videos on

On YouTube, you can skim through the various video sections using either the video slider or the time codes in the video description

YouTube interface


YouTube time codes

A full list of videos can be in the Research Strategies YouTube playlist.


Developing a search strategy

Developing a mind map

Developing a Research Question

Credo and Oxford Reference

Documenting your searches

MRU LibrarySearch

MRU Library Search: Part 1

MRU Library Search: Part 2

Using APA PsycInfo

Part 1: Advanced search interface and search filters

Part 2: Using the thesaurus to find subject terms and access the full text of articles

Other PsycInfo resources

Citation Chaining


Citation chaining: Part 1

Citation chaining: Part 2

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