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Why Share Your Work?

Institutional repositories are the standard tool for capturing the research and scholarship created at academic institutions and research organizations. The Registry of Open Access Repositories (ROAR) lists over 4700 repositories worldwide.

There are many benefits of sharing your work using the repository:

  • Research shows that open, freely available scholarship is read and cited more frequently.
  • Your works will be preserved and accessible through technological changes.
  • Collecting your work in the repository is less time-consuming than maintaining a personal website, creating a long-term record of your work.
  • Sharing in the repository likely fulfills open access mandates/requirements set by your funding agency.
  • For students, evidence of high-quality research can enhance applications for employment or graduate school, and prospective students may be attracted by the research focus of a faculty member or the institution.

Submitting Your Work

Members of the MRU community may submit works to the repository, including faculty, students, staff, and other employees. We offer two options for submitting works.

Option 1: Library-supported submission

Library staff are available to submit works on your behalf, or to assist you with the submission process. Please contact us to express interest.

Option 2: Self-submission

Visit the submission page, where the submission form will take you through the the following steps:

  1. Provide your contact information and choose a repository collection where you wish to share your work.
  2. Describe your submission. Some fields are required, and some are optional. More information makes your work more easily discoverable.
  3. Tell us what license you want for your work. We encourage use of a Creative Commons license, or you can use standard copyright. More information about copyright options in the repository can be found on this page.
  4. Upload your document(s).
  5. Accept the terms of use, and also the non-exclusive distribution agreement. The latter allows Mount Royal University to host your work in the repository, and does not restrict you from publishing your work elsewhere.
  6. Complete your submission

Once your work is submitted we will need some time to review the submission before it is committed to the repository.