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Go Pro Fusion

Water and Shock Resistant 360° Camera


The fusion is a 360 camera that captures high resolution 360 content in demanding environments including water and snow. GoPro fusion studio software allows you to stitch, edit and reframe your content.

Camera Features:

  • Captures 5.2k Photo
  • Captures 5.2K 30 or 3k 60 360° Video
  • Waterproof to 5m
  • Shock resistant 
  • 75 minute battery life
  • Multiple video and photo modes
  • Reframe your content from standard viewing 
  • Overcapture feature allows HD video creation from captured 360 content
  • Companion app, GoPro, as well as editing app, Fusion Studio


  • Photos and video footage must be stitched after capture (through Fusion Studio app)
  • Two micro SD Cards 


The GoPro Fusion has two buttons for control and navigation.

1. Mode

  • Powers the camera on and off
  • Cycle between modes

2. Record

  • Starts and stops the recording function 


To Power On: Press the Mode button. The camera beeps several times while the camera status lights flash. When information appears on the status screen, your camera is on. 

To Power Off: Press and hold the Mode button for two seconds. The camera beeps several times while the camera status lights flash. Note: Fusion turns off automatically after 7 minutes of inactivity. 

Access the Fusion Quick Start guide here

Get help with the GoPro Fusion and other GoPro devices at the GoPro Support hub. Visit us in the VR Lab for an in person walk through during lab hours

Companion App

The Fusion features a companion app, GoPro, allowing users to control the camera from their phone. 

The GoPro app allows users to:

  • Control spherical shooting on a smartphone
  • Edit and share photos captured on the Fusion
  • Reframe videos for standard devices
  • Export and share content

Download for iOS or Android here

Get help with the GoPro app or the GoPro Fusion at the GoPro Support hub


You may borrow the GoPro Fusion (or other XR equipment) from the VR Lab. The equipment can be booked online through the library website


If you have any questions, would like to check out the equipment/software, or just come and try out more technology visit the VR Lab during open hours