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Immersion Studio Integration

The library’s Immersion Studio takes experiential and immersive learning to a new level. The space allows projection of images or information on all four walls of the room at the same time and can support ambient audio to create a unique 360º experience for teaching, learning and research. 

The Immersion Studio supports the Mount Royal Campus Community in a variety of goals: 

  • Teaching, learning, and scholarship
  • Bringing people together 
  • Strategy and space for conversation on large, complex and controversial ideas 
  • Increasing student retention with accessible resources 

The space may be used for: 

  • immersive group experiences
  • class bookings 
  • student projects
  • community partnerships 
  • partnerships with other campus departments, including student life 

Available Technology and Tools

The Immersion Studio space boasts a variety of technology, including:

  • 360° projection system, consisting of 10 projectors 
  • specialized surround sound system to provide ambient audio  
  • low moveable seating options 
  • HDMI Inputs to allow projection of your own PC laptop (not compatible with Mac computers)
  • PC station for project presentation 
  • Essential Oil Diffuser and Fans to enhance experience 

The VR Lab also offers technology that can be used in the Immersion Studio, including VR Headsets, AR Devices, MR Headsets and 360° Cameras. For more information about equipment from the VR Lab please check out the library website, come by drop-in hours or ask library staff.  

Room Capacity and Layout

The room is equipped with a series of short-throw projectors which use specialized software to stitch images together into a continuous display for an immersive effect.  A specialized sound system augments this experience. The space can be used with or without the low moveable seating provided. 

Room capacity: 20-30 people (depending on seating arrangement).

Layout Image

Spotlighted Projects

Below are some of past projects that have been successful in the Immersion Studio. They span an array of faculties and subjects and types of projects, including student created content and simulation training. 

Emergency Room Simulation Training Nursing in-class instruction for NURS 3102: an immersive emergency room simulation for her students as a way to prepare them for critical care settings. 
Mental Health Interventions Child and Youth Studies student course project (CHST 4103): a student utilized the Immersion Studio to create, produce, and star in his very own drag show. 
Stratigraphic Mapping Earth’s Changing Surface class (GEOG 2111): The Earth's Changing Surface class gives students a chance to learn about the processes that have created the landforms and landscapes around the world.
To Kill a Mockingbird: A Journey Through Time Used the Immersion Studio to deepen students’ understanding of the classic novel To Kill A Mockingbird by Lee Harper and helped students visualize a connection between the book and what actually took place during the Great Depression and the decades following.


Online Learning Options

Despite many courses being completed virtually online, the library remains a resource. Below are some easy ways that the Immersion Studio can have a positive impact as the campus community transitions to virtual teaching and learning.  

Virtual Consultation Consult virtually with our staff to design a project to fit your course to be used in the future, or discuss future research projects, for which you are interested in using the space. 
Film an Existing Project in 360° As campus access is gradually increased, film an existing project in 360° to use as a teaching resource for online courses.


Project Process

Each project for display in the Immersion Studio is created in a collaborative and iterative process between the user and library staff.  
The best first step for a new project or a repeat project is to complete the booking form available on the library website.

Since the scope of these projects can include a lot of different people, the process for creating a new project consists of a few rigid stages. These are outlined below.   

  1. Initiating Complete the Booking Form, available on the library website
  2. Planning The user and specialized library staff will have a Consultation meeting in the Immersion Studio to discuss the project and a timeline. During this meeting or shortly after, a Project Plan document is completed to keep everyone up to date on the progress. 
  3. Executing Project content and documents are submitted, according to the project plan document, and the development of the project begins. 
  4. Project Review The project is reviewed and approved by the user. Any minor adjustments necessary are made by library staff. Library staff show the users how to navigate the project interface on the PC station in the Immersion Studio.  
  5. Presentation The project is complete and presented on the day indicated in the booking form. Users can expect library staff to be present to set the project up, but not during the booking. Users can also expect to receive a feedback form after their booking. 


Booking the Immersion Studio

This space can be reserved by MRU students, faculty or staff. This environment supports simulation and context-based learning, providing opportunities to interpret information in relation to where and when it occurs. ​

Before the beginning of each semester there will be a call for applications to Teach in the Immersion Studio (and our other specialized spaces) will be put out. However, bookings can be made at any point in the semester, but are subject to space and staff availability. Due to the high demand for this space we can only accommodate so many new projects each semester. The earlier you can begin the project process the better! 

To make a booking, please submit the booking request form, available on the library website. 
A minimum of 3 weeks’ notice is required to build a new project. Repeat Projects, which utilize existing content, only require 1 week’s notice. 

For new projects, users will consult with library staff in advance. More information on this consultation is available in the Project Process portion of this document.  

Food & drink are not allowed in the space. The Bubble, located just outside the space, can be booked in conjunction with the room to accommodate receptions. Please indicate in the booking form if you’d like to book The Bubble at the same time. 

For exhibit style bookings the door can be unlocked for the duration. Please indicate if this will be necessary in either the booking form or the consultation meeting. 

An essential oil diffuser and fans are available to make the space more comfortable during bookings. Please indicate if these will be used in either the booking form or the consultation meeting. 

Support Available from the Library

Templates are available to help you plan how your content will appear on the walls in the space and to organize your content for submission. Find these on the Immersion Studio page, in the resources section. 

Library Workshops are a great way to learn about what is possible and how to get started. 

Creating 360° Content for the Immersion Studio Want to use the Library’s 360° projection room, but don’t know where to start?
Learn what type of content works best, and what resources are available to you.
Beginner's Guide to 360° Cameras: Storytelling in 360° with Photos and Videos Learn how to use 360° cameras (Ricoh Theta V, Insta Nano, and GoPro Fusion). You can then use the camera to record your Immersion projection 360. 

To find out when the workshop you are interested in is being offered, please check the library programming calendar or contact the library.  

To gain access to the space for your booking you are able to sign out a swipe access card for the Immersion Studio form the Library Service Desk. Please have your MRUOne Card available to do so.

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