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Poster Creation Tips


Make sure the color of your text and background stand out from each other. Use light colour text on dark backgrounds, or dark colour text on light backgrounds.

Font Size

Keep your font size above 19px (14 in Google Slides).

Image Size

To avoid blurry images in your posters, do not scale them much larger than the default size they appear when dropped into your file.

Poster Content and Design

What is a poster and what goes into it?

Poster Templates

Google Slides Template

Setting up the Google Slides Poster Template

  1. Open Google Slides Poster Template  
  2. From the Google Slides toolbar menu, select "File" > "Make a copy" > "Entire Presentation"
  3. Select the folder you would like to save the template in your Google Drive, then click "Make a copy"
  4. Your copy of the template will open in a new browser tab.

Exporting Your Poster from Google Slides

  1. After designing your poster in Google Slides, from the Google Slides toolbar menu, select "File" > "Download" > "PNG Image"

Photoshop Template

  • Minimum font size: 19px/pt
  • Export as PNG


Poster Dimensions

If you are creating a poster outside of the templates provided, please create and save your poster image as the following:

  • File format: PNG
  • File dimensions: 900 pixels wide by 1200 pixels tall
  • Minimum font size: 19px