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Scholarly vs. popular

Search for articles, books, multimedia, and more

Search articles, books, multimedia & more

Search tips

  • Use quotation marks around your search terms to search for an exact phrase (such as the title of a painting)
    • Ex: "School of Athens"
  • Use synonyms and related terms
  • Try adding additional search terms or more specific terms to narrow your search
  • Use an asterisk (*) after the root of a search term to include multiple endings
    • Ex: Searching Modernis* will find Modernist, Modernism, Modernists
  • Type NOT before a search term to exclude it from the results


Help with finding scholarly sources and citation

  • The Service Desk in the library lobby (open hours on library homepage)
  • Chat reference service - Click the blue circle chat button on the bottom right of any library webpage
  • Contact me (Peter Houston) at or (403) 440-5197
  • For citation and writing help, Student Learning Services offers appointments with their Writing & Learning Specialists.
Peter Houston's picture
Peter Houston

Archivist and Special Collections Librarian
Phone: 403.440.5197