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What You Need to Know About Citation

Citation is stating where you got your information.

The reasons you cite:

  • To give credit where credit is due – to avoid plagiarizing
  • To give information about a source so people (i.e. your instructor) can find it

You need to cite:

  • In the paper (in-text citations)
  • At the end (reference list)

APA Guides and Resources

These APA resources will help you cite in-text, create a reference list, and format your paper.

More Resources for APA Style

Citation Management

There are two citation management tools you may consider using to organize your research:

Take a close look at them both and decide which one would work best for your research projects.

Citation Resources from Student Learning Services

  • Cite Sources: Learn the correct way to cite sources by using these guides, tutorials, and videos.
  • Referencing Webinars: APA & MLA. Referencing Webinars are 75 minutes long.  Registration is required.
  • Online Appointments: Personalized online 30-minute appointments with a Learning Strategist.

Copyright-friendly Visual and Audio Resources

The MRU Copyright Guide provides a list of resources for finding copyright-firendly images, video, audio and more.

Remember:  Always check the copyright terms.  Just because you found it on the internet does not mean you can copy/use it!