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ANTH 4451 - Winter 2024 Library Session

Using a Reference Manager (Zotero)

Reference/citation management software allows you to save and organize items found via searching the library's databases. It also can be used to create reference lists and citations for papers. There are a number of software systems available

One of the most popular reference managers is Zotero.

Reasons to choose Zotero:

  • Zotero works best if your research is both HTML and PDFs. Often this is the choice for researchers in the Humanities and Social Sciences.

  • Zotero works well with Firefox. It also has a standalone desktop application.

  • Zotero offers 300 MB of free cloud storage.

  • Zotero allows easy citation additions from websites like Amazon and Flickr.

  • Zotero has a well-liked interface for tagging and writing notes to accompany citations.

MRU Library has created helpful FAQs on different ways to use Zotero:

There is also lots of documentation available from Zotero on their Support page.


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