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Build A Permalink

Build a link

Use the Link Builder to share Library resources with MRU students and employees by creating a stable link. The Link Builder adds the MRU proxy prefix to the URL that will prompt users to log in with a MyMRU username and password to access resources from off-campus.


URL Link Builder

If your current URL begins with then you do not need to build a new link -- your URL should work. If your URL does not begin with this prefix, then follow these steps:

Copy the link below into your documents.

Your new link should look something like this:

DOI Link Builder

Example DOI: 10.1177/0886109911405492

Copy the link below into your documents.

Your new link should look something like this:

What are permalinks?

Permalinks (or persistent links) are the safest and easiest way to share journal articles, book chapters and other online content with your students.

Providing a link to a library resource is a copyright-friendly way to enable students to make use of an item for individual study.

Permalinks allow students to access licensed electronic resources both on and off campus, and are created by adding a special prefix to regular web links and DOIs. This special prefix triggers a login prompt when users attempt to access the resource from off campus. If users successfully login with their MRU username and password, they are redirected to the resource as an authorized user.

Databases often provide permalinks and will use text and/or symbols to show that this option is available. The symbol most often used is two connected chain links. Clicking on this link will provide the permalink, which can be copied and pasted. 

What are DOIs?

A DOI (Digital Object Identifier) is more stable than a web address, and allows for permanent identification of an article or other digital work.

A URL identifies a work's location, a DOI identifies the content of that work. Users can always find an article online by its DOI, even if its location changes (for example, if a journal changes publishers or is made available through a new database).

Please note that DOI permalinks resolve to the publisher's article record. A DOI permalink may not provide access for MRU users if the journal containing the article is not Open Access and MRU Library does not subscribe via the publisher's platform (or only subscribes via another database or platform). In these cases a URL based permalink will work better.

A DOI typically looks something like this: 10.1016/j.aap.2011.05.001.