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Activity: Is this source credible?

As a group, take a look at your assigned source and discuss the following questions for the next 5 minutes. 

  • What type of source is this? (e.g. scholarly peer reviewed journal article, scholarly book, magazine article, newspaper article, intergovernmental or government website)
  • Is this source trustworthy enough to use for an assignment in this course? Why or why not?

Source #1 - Rescue Plan for Nature: How to Fix the Biodiversity Crisis

Source #2 - The Biodiversity Crisis in Numbers - A Visual Guide

Source #3 - Communicating the Biodiversity Crisis: From “Warnings” to Positive Engagement

Source #4 - Ecological Justice and the Extinction Crisis: Giving Living Beings their Due

Source #5 - Biodiversity - Our Strongest Natural Defense Against Climate Change

How do I know if something is credible?

Summary of Tips for Searching for Scholarly Articles and Books

LibrarySearch (search box on Library's home page)

  • Good for searching for scholarly articles and books across disciplines
  • Use the limits provided (peer reviewed and resource type: article) to limit your results
  • Quotation marks "" around two or more words will search it as a phrase "global citizen"
  • Asterisk * searches for different endings on a word develop* will find development, developing
  • Advanced search allows you to specify where a word is located e.g. the title of the resource

Google Scholar

  • Good for searching for scholarly articles across disciplines
  • Look out for non-scholarly content
  • If you are looking for books, use LibrarySearch instead
  • intitle: in front of a word looks for it in the title of the article e.g. intitle:global citizenship
  • Be sure to use date limits - many of the first articles listed are dated

Subject Specific Databases

Sometimes it can be helpful to use a databases created for a specific discipline. You can find a list of these databases on the Library's subject guides. Here are some databases that might be helpful

Using Google Scholar at Home

If you are using Google Scholar at home, you will have to adjust the settings to see which articles are available full text through MRU library.

Click on the Stacked Menu in the Top Left Corner and Choose Settings


Select Library Links. In the search box, search for Mount Royal. Be sure to hit save!

choose library links and search for mount royal


Articles that we paid for access to will be flagged in your search results

Links to full text articles at MRU

Searching for Reports from NGOs and Intergovernmental Organizations


You can also do a targeted Google search of a particular website - for example:

strategy global health

Use the Google Tools to limit to a particular date range e.g. past year


Resources for Country Research

You can find additional books, videos and articles on your country using the LibrarySearch tool

APA Guides and Resources

The following APA resources will help you cite in-text, create a reference list, and format your paper.


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