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Media Scanning

Monitor the local, national and international news to get story ideas, to review and analyze coverage of a topic, and to fact-check and verify news stories.

News Databases

Search News Media

This custom Google search retrieves results from Calgary print, TV, radio and web-based news outlets. For best results include Calgary as a search term.

These databases contain newspaper and magazine articles, and tv and radio broadcast transcripts:


Search Magazines

MRU Library subscribes to a huge number of magazines. Check out electronic versions of current and past issues of the titles listed here. We also have current subscriptions to some of these titles in print -- check out the periodical collection on the third floor of the Library & Learning Centre.

You can find more magazines using our custom journal search in LibrarySearch.


Social Media Search Tools

Search Social Media

Try these tools to scan and track stories within and across social media platforms. 

Featured Books

Best Canadian Sports Writing

This extraordinary anthology of recent writing mixes columns and long-form journalism, profiles and reportage, new voices and well-known favourites. The assembled pieces offer polished prose, unusual perspectives, and rare insight. These remarkable pieces offer lasting insight that, like sport itself, excites, inspires, and never fails to reveal the truth about ourselves.

Television and the Second Screen

Examines the emerging phenomenon of the second screen: where users are increasingly engaging with content on two screens concurrently. The practice is transforming television into an interactive, participatory and social experience.

Entrepreneurial Journalism

Entrepreneurial Journalism explains how, in the age of online journalism, digital-savvy media practitioners are building their careers by using low-cost digital technologies to create unique news platforms and cultivate diverse readerships.

Keeping Up with Local News

Keep Up with Local News

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