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Additional Chicago Examples Not Included in the MRU Guide

Type of Source Example of Footnote/Endnote Bibliography

     1. First name Last Name, "Title of the Article," Name of Journal, published ahead of print, Month Day,Year, pdf page where idea you are citing is found, article number, doi link

     2. Last name, "Shortened Article Title," pdf page where idea you are citing is found.

Last name, First name. "Title of Article."  
     Name of Journal. Published
     ahead of print, Month Day, Year, 
     article number. doi link

journal article,
one author,
with DOI, Advanced publication with an
article number, no page numbers

     1. Dilip Ninan, “Modality and the Future,” Analysis, published  ahead of print, February 25, 2024, 1, anad093,

     2. Ninan, "Modality," 3.

Ninan, Dilip. “Modality and the Future.” 
   Analysis. Published ahead of print, 
   February 25, 2024, nad093.          


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