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Archival Images & Sound Recordings

Many Canadian libraries and archives have digital collections containing photographs, art, drawings, films, audio, newspapers, pamphlets, posters, government documents and more.

Find these collections on Google with a search such as:  archives "digital collection" photographs canada

Featured Resources

Photography, Truth and Reconciliation

Photography, Truth and Reconciliation charts the connections between photography and a crucial issue in contemporary social history. The book examines the prevalence of photography in cultural responses to processes of truth and reconciliation, and argues that photographs are a valuable means through which stories can be retold and historiography can be rethought.

The North End Revisited

The North End Revisited brings together many of the photographs from Paskievich's now-classic book The North End (2007) with eighty additional images to present a deep and poignant picture of a special community. Texts by art critics Stephen Osborne and Alison Gillmor and film scholar George Melnyk explore the different aspects of Paskievich's work and add context from Winnipeg's history and culture.

A World History of Photography

Classic history of photography traces the evolution of this young art form chronologically and thematically. Exploring the diverse roles that photography has played in the communication of ideas, Rosenblum devotes special attention to topics such as portraiture, documentation, advertising, and photojournalism, and to the camera as a means of personal artistic expression.

World Press Photo 2017

Since 1955, the annual World Press Photo contest has set the standard in visual journalism. World Press Photo 2017 brings you the winners - the most striking images and compelling stories from 2016.

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