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Equity, Diversity and Inclusion 

Three groups:

Group A:To positively influence the mental health and wellness of our employees by implementing best practices in inclusion and accessibility. To become a ‘lighthouse’ organization and mentor other childcare centres in achieving inclusive work environments.

Group B: To achieve accurate interpretation and effective implementation of the Province of Alberta’s Child Care Licensing Act as it relates to accessibility, equity, and inclusion.

Group C: To create community-wide awareness of the importance of mental health and wellness in the workplace, specifically focusing on the relationship between inclusive environments and mental health.


Literature reviews

What is a literature review?

It describes and evaluates the research that has been done in a particular area. 

  • In general, a literature review should be a concise and comprehensive discussion of a narrow, well-defined research question.
  • The goal is usually to identify relationships, contradictions, controversies, gaps and potential next steps in the research.

Why do it?

  • Reviewing the literature on your topic gives your ideas for your research question
  • It helps you understand the big picture and background to your topic so that you can identify where your proposed research fits in the existing body of knowledge.

What is it for?

  • Providing a literature review as part of your research paper lets the reader know what literature you examined, what research is being drawn upon and demonstrates your knowledge of the topic.
  • A literature review demonstrates how and why your research question is important and worth pursuing.

Literature reviews should synthesize and compare studies that discuss different aspects of your topic, depending on your purpose (for example, you might compare experimental method, population studied, theoretical framework, etc.).

Types of literature


Grey literature

Professional or trade journals

Scholarly journal articles:

  • published by experts in the field
  • evidence of original
  • research
  • includes a literature review
  • possibly peer-reviewed

Scholarly books and book chapters

  • published by a scholarly/university press
  • well researched
  • authors are affiliated with a university or relevant organization
  • Government reports and data
  • Datasets
  • Reports from not-for-profits and NGOs
  • Academic and non-academic conference presentations
  • Theses and dissertations
  • White papers
  • Blogs and newsletters
  • Written by practitioners or professionals

Unlike scholarly journals, trade publications do not contain original research and are meant to be practical in nature. Their focus is on current practices and issues.

Search for these in library databases or Google Scholar

Search for these in Google, Google Scholar or ERIC

Search for these resources using Library databases, Associations or  Google 

"Child care"  diversity*

Sample Search: 
"Early childhood educators" "mental health"


Sample Search
"early childhood" licensing site:ca inurl:report

Sample Search in Childcare Canada

equity and inclusion 

Developing a Search Strategy

Phrase your topic in the form of a research question:


What are some effective strategies for developing an understanding/awareness of mental health in the workplace?

Consider key terms in your question to develop a database search:

"mental health"   workplace

"lived experience" AND (co-workers OR colleagues)

inclus* "mental health" "child care"

Search for books, book chapters, and journal articles in LibrarySearch

Use the MRU LibrarySearch tool - the search box on the library homepage - to find information in all formats (books, journal articles, videos, magazines) simultaneously.

LibrarySearch Tips:​

  • Sign in! This allows you to save the items you "pin" to a favourites list (look for the push pin icon), and also allows you to save search queries. 
  • Use the sidebar options (e.g. limit results to only relevant subjects, or to preferred resource type, e.g., books)
  • using the advanced search to search for important terms in the subject or title fields on the drop-down menus.
  • refining results to only peer-reviewed sources (searches only within scholarly journals)

Group exercise

Ontario as a case study for modernizing Home Child Care licensing and support

Diet, physical activity, and emotional health: what works, what doesn’t, and why we need integrated solutions for total worker health
The Trauma-Informed Workplace 

Indigenous perspectives on work-life enrichment and conflict in Canada

Employee perception of inclusivity and organizational performance: The case of the Ontario public service


Review the assigned article to find:

  • bibliographic references that are relevant to your research question
  • similar articles recommended by the database
  • subject headings that may help you refine your search strategy
Track down and download/email one article for future review
Revise your search strategy

Citing your sources