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 Describing Authentic & Respectful Care 

For this assignment, you will provide specific details about the roles of an ECE

Your paper will include four of the following factors related to the role of an ECE:

  • The image of the Early Childhood Educator
  • Purposeful/ curriculum and teaching strategies
  • Alberta Government Licensing Regulations and Standards of Practice
  • Ethical and professional practice (code of ethics, an ethic of care)
  • Professional practices and advocacy (i.e., participation in professional association)
  • Inclusive practices

Your essay should reference Empowering pedagogy for early childhood education & Introduction to early childhood education & care (Dietze & Kashin, 2016) and Flight: Alberta’s early learning and care framework (Makovichuk et al., 2014) document. In addition, you will need to find and cite a minimum of 2 peer-reviewed scholarly sources. You will provide relevant information about the role of the ECE in providing meaningful and inclusive ELCC programs in a research paper (4-5 pages).  .


Searching for peer-reviewed articles

Searching for  peer-reviewed articles
Start with a broad search and narrow using key words from your topics (factors)
Use limiters or filters to narrow to scholarly/peer reviewed articles

Educator image

  • "early childhood" AND  educator* AND  (image OR identity)

Ethical practice

  • "early childhood"  "ethical practice"


  • "early childhood" AND  inclusi*


Incorporating research into your paper

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