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Your Assignment

Critical Annotated Bibliography

  • Choose an article.
  • Identify the subject of the article in the form of a topic.
  • Find 3 scholarly articles related to your topic.
  • Write a paragraph summarizing each article.  
  • Write a second paragraph critiquing each article in relation to your chosen topic/article

For sample annotations, visit Purdue University's site or consult University of Toronto's writing advice for annotated bibliographies

Convention on the Rights of the Child

APA Citation

APA Guide

In all academic assignments:

  • You must properly cite all ideas and work that are not your own
  • Citations ensure the integrity of your work
  • Citations strengthen your work because they reflect the effort you have put into doing research
  • Citations strengthen and add context to your argument.

Finding Articles

Investigating a topic

Use Filters on the right-hand side of the screen to limit by date and to peer-reviewed articles


Using Subject Specific Databases

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