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Block 4 - Adapt

The Show Me the Evidence assignment draws upon the adapt step of the Evidence Informed Decision Making model.

Read the assignment description carefully before viewing the video below. Confirm with your instructor:

  1. If the clinical practice guideline you select as the basis of your poster has to be on a specific topic(s) or if any guideline that addresses your clinical population (e.g. adult, child, etc) is acceptable.
  2. If the guideline should be published or last updated in the last five years, or if it can be older.

The video below is specifically about the research aspects of the assignment. If you have questions about the expectations for the assignment, please speak to your instructor.


Tips on Poster Design

A poster template has been provided for this assignment. Select File - Make a Copy to get started.

Tips on poster design can be found on the Library's Undergraduate Research Guide

Tools for Finding a Clinical Practice Guideline

Tips for searching Trip Database

  • For this project, use the regular search box, not the PICO search. The PICO search looks for your terms in particular places in the document, but it isn't clear that it is doing so.
  • The asterisk * allows you to search for different word endings e.g. child* looks for both child and children
  • (Title:keyword) will limit your search results to documents where the keyword appears in the title e.g.
    • (Title:child*) will find documents where child or children is part of the title
    • (Title:pregnan*) COVID will look for documents that have pregnancy or pregnant in the title and mention COVID somewhere in the title or document text.

Tips for Searching for Guidelines in PubMed

  • While not perfect, a quick way to search for guidelines in PubMed is to add guideline[tiab] to your search words. It will look for the term guideline in the title or abstract of the publication e.g.
    • cord clamping AND guideline[tiab]
  • Note: Not applicable for this assignment - If you have a future project where you need to find all potential guidelines on a topic, use the CADTH search filter for guidelines in PubMed instead.

Additional Sources for Canadian Guidelines by Population


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