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Searching for Nursing Concepts

This video walks you through some tips for searching for scholarly articles on your nursing concepts.

You may find it helpful to pause the video and try out the demonstrated searches as you go along.

CINAHL Headings

CINAHL headings address the patient experience.

You can search the CINAHL headings for possible concepts. For example:

  • uncertainty
  • hope
  • empowerment
  • coping

Try these useful headings in your search where appropriate:

  • "nurse patient relations"
  • "patient family relations"
  • "professional family relations"
  • "attitude to illness"
  • "attitude to health"
  • "attitude to death"
  • "nurse attitudes"
  • "patient attitudes"
  • "decision making"
  • "support, psychosocial"


Other useful CINAHL features for your project

When using the advanced search screen, the following limits may help you focus your search on useful results:

  • scholarly (peer reviewed) - while this limit is not perfect, it will filter out some content that would not be suitable for the assignment
  • research article - this limit does not capture all the research articles in CINAHL (for example, it misses recently added research articles that have not yet been tagged), but can also focus results
  • publication date
  • English language

Google Scholar Search

Yes, Google does article searches! Go in through this link and find out what Google Scholar has that you can get full-text through our library.
Google Scholar Search

Using the Cited By Feature in Google Scholar

If you come across an article that is too old for this assignment, consider using the Cited by feature in Google Scholar to lead you to articles you can use.

Can't find your article's DOI?

Most new scholarly articles will have a DOI. You will often find the DOI listed on the first page of the pdf version of the article.

If you can't find the DOI, try using the tool CrossRef to look it up by author or article title.

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