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Information Sources

Finding Information

Advocacy Groups and Policy Research Organizations provide in depth analysis and critical evaluation of legislation and its impact on the people it serves. Look on these organizations' websites for policy briefs, research reports, etc.

These documents can be found under headings such as research, publications, press releases or resources.

ExampleClosing the Gap Between Vision and Reality

Examples of Research Institutes, Think Tanks and Advocacy Groups:

On many agency websites you can find basic information for service workers and the general population served by the Act. Look for fact sheets, newsletters, and FAQs.

You can also find research reports and advocacy statements that provide evaluation and analysis of the Act (including strengths, limitations, challenges, etc.)

Examples of Service Agencies (not all of these are relevant to every Act -- search Google to find more):

Google Searching Tips

Search Smarter! Make Google work for you.

Useful Operators:

site: searches only specific websites. searches Government of Canada websites searches Government of Alberta websites

Example: "mental health"


Evaluate Websites

Who is behind the material? - are they qualified?
What is it and is it accurate? - how can you tell?
When was it it written? - is it current?
Why is it there? - Advertising? Persuasion? Information?

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