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Step One: Find Diagnostic Descriptions


Search for newspaper and magazine articles on your topic in these databases.

Search for your topic in online media using these search engines and websites.

Academic Resources

Search for your topic in these scholarly article databases. 

Search Tips:

If your health issue is described in more than one word, put it in quotes. E.g. "Reactive Attachment Disorder"  or "Oppositional Defiant Disorder"

Add the term "social work*" (in quotes!) to your other search term to narrow down your results to more relevant articles. If you don't add "social work*" to your search, you'll retrieve many articles from psychology, medicine, education and other areas that are not very relevant (and can be more challenging to read and understand).

The following journals may contain articles on your topics. Use the search boxes to search for articles on your topic within these journals. Remember to put phrases in quotation marks when searching.

Cite your Sources

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