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Internet Archive Classic PC Games -

The Internet Archive has a broad selection of classic PC games. The link above takes you to the whole collection. Below are some useful sections where you might want to start. Note: Make sure to check the copyright and terms of use before downloading software from the Internet Archive. For more information, see their terms of use document.

Other online game archives

Game Documentation archives

The University of Calgary has a large video game collection -

Games are limited to UofC users, but you can browse vintage console games through their collection. 

Researching video games

MRU Library: Video game history collection in LibrarySearch

Books on video game history, design, and development can be found in several locations in the library. Below are some tips for locating such materials.

Subject Searches in MRU LibrarySearch Physical call number ranges (for browsing in the library)

Video game history/culture/general

  • GV 1200 - GV 1469.3
  • HD 9993 E452 - HD 9993 E454

Interaction design

  • QA 76.9 H84 - QA 76.9 I52


Other potentially useful titles

Custom MRU LibrarySearch for streaming video

Citation examples


Pitfall for Atari 2600



Template: (Game Title, year)

  • Example: (Pitfall!, 1982)

Reference list

Template: Developer. (Year of Publication). Title of video game (v. Version number if known) [Platform]. Publisher Name if given. URL if available online.

  • Example 1: Crane, D. (1982). Pitfall! [Atari 2600]. Activision.
  • Example 2: Candy crush saga (v. [iOS]. (2022). King.


Template: Title of Software. (version or year), Publisher Name. Accessed: Date (when applicable). [Type of Medium].
Available: site/path/file

  • Example: Pitfall! (1982), Activision. Accessed: Apr. 28, 2023. [Cartridge, Atari 2600]
  • Example: Stray. (2023), Annapurna Interactive. Accessed Sep. 10, 2023. [Xbox].



Author's Last Name, First Initial. Second Initial, if given. (Year of Publication). Name of board game/video game/game manual [Video game/Board game]. Publisher Name.


  • Moon, A. R. (2015). Ticket to ride [Board game]. Days of Wonder.
  • Monopoly [Board game]. (2014). Hasbro.



  • Basic format: J. K. Author (or Abbrev. Name of Co., City of Co. Abbrev. State, Country). Name of Manual/Handbook, x ed.
    (year). Accessed: Date. [Online]. Available:
  • Print manual: Name of Manual/Handbook, x ed., Abbrev. Name of Co., City of Co., Abbrev. State, Country, year, pp. xxx–xxx.
  • Online manual: J. K. Author (or Abbrev. Name of Co., City of Co. Abbrev. State, Country). Name of Manual/Handbook, x ed. (year). Accessed: Date. [Online]. Available:

*Cite as an online forum or discussion post (APA) or website (IEEE).


Template: Lastname, F. M. or Name of Group [username]. (Year, Month Date). Title of post [Online forum post]. Publisher. URL

  • Example: Diaz, D. (2020, June 1). How to cite an answer in APA format [Online forum post]. Stack Overflow.


Template: First Name Initial(s) Last Name or username or group. “Page Title.” Website Title. Web Address (retrieved Date Accessed)

  • Example: D. Diaz. "How to Cite an Answer in APA Format." Stack Overflow. (accessed, April 28, 2023).