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Research Software in the Library

A full list of software available in the Library and where it is located is available here.

Examples of research-specific software in the Library

Accumaps: A mapping and spatial data analysis program. Training and tutorial videos available here.

ArcGis: Mapping and geography tool used for sharing, displaying and analyzing geographic information. Tutorials available here.

GeoDA: An open-source geospatial data analysis tool. Tutorials available here.

Minitab 8: A tool to manage, display and analyze qualitative and quantitative data. Introductory documents available here and tutorial videos available here.

Nvivo: Qualitative data analysis and display software. Tutorial videos available here.

PSPP: An open-source alternative to SPSS, can be used to display and analyze quantitative data. User's guide available here.

QGis: Open source geospacial data and mapping software. Training materials available here.

SPSS: Quantitative data analysis and display tool. Unofficial tutorial materials available here.

Stata: Data analysis and statistical software. Tutorial videos available here.

Need assistance?

If you need assistance with your research project, please reach out to your subject librarian. They would be happy to help.

If you are not sure who to chat with, please contact Brian Jackson.