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Survey - How do You get your News?

Media Scanning Tools

Social Media Tracking Tools

Advanced Twitter Searching Tips

[search term] Filter:news

[search term] Filter:retweets

[search term] Near:[location]

[search term] Within:[distance]

To:[handle] from:[handle]

[search term] Since:[date]

[search term] Until:[date]

[search term] min_faves: [number]

[search term] min_retweets:[number]

[search term] :-)

[search term] :-(

[keyword] AND


#westjet filter:news

from:nenshi filter:retweets

#plasticfree near:Calgary

to:@nenshi since:2019-01-01 until:2019-01-10

To:@westjet :-(

"Rachel notley" -from:rachelnotley -@rachelnotley

[keyword] AND

In-Class Activity

Class Activity:

Work in pairs to review this press release and answer the following questions.

Vancouver Police Department "street checks and police stops" policy 

  • Conduct a media scan of the coverage related to the information provided in the media release:
    1. Find at least three news outlets that are reporting it. What can you tell about the audiences that these news outlets represent? (Mainstream, liberal, conservative, etc.)?
    2. Scan the social media coverage. Is it mostly positive or negative? What groups or interests/concerns are represented? What potential audiences or stakeholders are missing?
    3. Find two social media influencers commenting on this topic. Who are they? What types of issues/topics/organizations do they post about?
    4. What aspects of the press release are being highlighted, left out, or emphasized in the media coverage?

*Keep notes on what you searched, what tools you used, and what you found. Be prepared to share with the class!

Finding out about Media Outlets

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Keeping Up with Local News

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