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PUBR 4841: Strategic Communication Planning

Video Lesson: Researching Stakeholders and Audiences

Find Stakeholder Information

Look for psychographic, demographic and ethnographic information on the Web and in MRU databases.

You can also search Google and Google Scholar for stats and data on many topics.

In general, statistics can come from governments, organizations and researchers
  • For stats on teenagers in Canada from the Federal government
    •  Google: statistics teenagers
  • For stats on teenagers in car crashes from automobile associations
    • Google: statistics teen car accidents (marijuana OR cannabis) association
  • For stats on teens smoking while in car crashes from researchers
    • Google SCHOLAR: adolescent cannabis automobile accidents

**TIP: You can also search news databases for research reported in the news that you can backtrack to the source. 

Additional helpful links:

Find Stakeholder Communication Preferences

Find Case Studies

The CPRS Collection is a good source for case studies.

For a list of all accreditation documents, type accreditation in the box below.

For a list of all  award documents type awards in the box below.

Search the CPRS Collection

Try Google
  • Many big PR companies post case studies online. Search keywords with added phrases like:  

"public relations" "case study" 

Find Scholarly Research