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PUBR 4841: Strategic Communication Research

Stakeholder Info

Look for psychographic, demographic and ethnographic information on the Web and in MRU databases.

You can also search Google and Google Scholar for stats and data on many topics.

In general, statistics can come from governments, organizations and researchers
  • For stats on teenagers in Canada from the Federal government
    •  Google: statistics teenagers
  • For stats on teenagers in car crashes from automobile associations
    • Google: statistics teen car accidents (marijuana OR cannabis) association
  • For stats on teens smoking while in car crashes from researchers
    • Google SCHOLAR: adolescent cannabis automobile accidents

**TIP: You can also search news databases for research reported in the news that you can backtrack to the source. 

Market, Sector & Industry Research

Case Studies

Academic Research

Books in the Library

Tips for using Google Scholar

Do not type sentences into the search box! Google is looking for a source that contains every word you type in the search box, so focus on what is most important.

Use quotation marks "" to search for a particular phrase  e.g. "earned media"

You can limit your results to journals with particular words in their title e.g. stakeholder engagement source:communication will only find articles published in journals that have the word nursing in their title like Journal of Strategic Communication, Journal of Communication Management, etc.

You can exclude particular words from your search by using a minus sign e.g. compliance credibility health communication -covid will exclude results mentioning covid.

Citation Help