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If you are browsing the library shelves, most of the PR and Communications books are found on the 3rd floor, and have call numbers beginning with HD and HM.

Many of our books are in digital format. You can access these from any computer. (If you are accessing them from off-campus, sign in with your MRU username and password.)

Use LibrarySearch to find books, articles, videos, images and more, from our library.

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Book Searching Tips

Finding too much?

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  • Put “Quotation Marks Around Your Search" to search for exact phrases

Finding too little?

  • Use OR between your ideas to search for EITHER term
  • Put ? after the root of a word to look for multiple endings

For better searching, think of multiple ways to describe your topic

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You can also search for and access books in other libraries.

New Books in the Library

Campaigns That Shook the World

Provides the inside story on a selection of the greatest campaigns of the last four decades. The book provides the definitive case studies of nine campaigns - political, corporate and entertainment - from the 1970s to the present day. It explains their strategies and tactics, looks at the imagery and icons they created and interviews the powerful, flamboyant personalities who crafted and executed these seminal projects.

Data Driven Public Relations: 21st Century Practices and Applications

Includes contemporary cases involving brand name companies who are blazing new trails in the use of metrics in public relations. This book presents a practical, accessible approach that requires no prior training or experience, with easy to follow, step-by-step measurement examples from existing campaigns.

Routledge Handbook of Environment and Communication

This Handbook provides a comprehensive statement and reference point for theory, research and practice with regard to environment and communication, and it does this from a perspective which is both international and multi-disciplinary in scope.

Visual Public Relations: Strategic Communication Beyond Text

Brings together a broad and diverse range of new and radical approaches to public relations focussing on the increasingly vital role that visual, sensory and physical elements factors play in shaping communication.

Public Relations Theory: Application and Understanding

Explores the central principles and theoretical components of public relations and their practical applications in actual situations. This informative text helps readers to understand the concepts, approaches, and perspectives of PR theory and learn development methods, implementation strategies, management techniques, and more.

Communicating Causes

Non-profit organizations (NPOs) across the world are facing criticism alongside approbation. In order for NPOs to effectively support their causes, they require public trust. The editors of this book have persuaded PR experts from the UK and around the world, from a variety of PR specialisms operating across different organizational forms, to share their knowledge and experience. These contributions are scaffolded with authoritative academic and practical advice, as well as solutions.

Reputation Management

Featuring specially commissioned essays, as well as exclusive interviews with leading CEOs, influencers and celebrities, the book covers issues as diverse as fake news, AI, James Bond, cyber security and internet bullying. Also included are contributions from thirty-nine of the world's leading reputation managers who exclusively reveal the time they made the most difference to an organisation's reputation.

Social Media and Crisis Communication

Covers the current and emerging interplay of social media and crisis communication, recent theories and frameworks, overviews of dominant research streams, applications in specific crisis areas, and future directions.

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