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Finding Government Info on the Web

After completing the Library Assignment, you will be able to find information about:
  • Who's who
  • What's happening 
  • Who's saying what and who's doing what

In Parliament, the Legislature, and City Hall.

(Need a refresher on how governments work? Visit the How Canadians Govern Themselves website.)

Find out Who's Who in Government

Find out Who's Saying What in Government

Find out Who's Saying What in Government

The transcripts of debates among MPs, MLAs, Senators and Councillors provide rich information on issues being addressed by government and members' arguments on all sides of those issues.

Find out What's Happening in Government

Find out What's Happening in Government

You can learn what work is being done, what decisions are being made, and what issues are being addressed by different bodies within government. Budget Speeches, Throne Speeches, and reports from Committees and Offices provide this information.

Below are a few examples. Search for more of these on the Senate, Parliament, and Legislature websites.

Other Helpful Websites

Other Helpful Websites

Citing Government Sources

Citing Government Sources

Here are a few examples of citations for the types of sources you need to cite for your assignment. See the additional citation resources on this page for more examples and explanations.


Reference List:

Barlow, J. (2018, Mar. 22). "India." Canada. Parliament. House of Commons. Edited Hansard 148(274). 42nd Parliament, 1st session. Retrieved from the Parliament of Canada website:

Citation in Text:

(Barlow, 2018)


Reference List:

Bill C-6: An Act Respecting the Safety of Consumer Products. (2009). 1st Reading Feb. 5, 2009, 40th Parliament, 2nd session. Retrieved from the Parliament of Canada website:

Citation in text:

(Bill C-6, 2009, "Summary," para. 2) 


Reference list: 

Post-Secondary Learning Act, SA (2003, c P-19.5). Retrieved from the CanLII website: 

Citation in text: 

(Post-Secondary Learning Act, 2003)

Find Academic Sources

These databases are good places to search for academic sources for your assignments in this course.

Google Scholar search tips:

Include a term for the level of government - federal, provincial, municipal/civic, and the word Canadian

     "communications" recycling municipal canadian

Use advanced search operators (same as in Google) to focus your search.

      allintitle:aboriginal health policy

Advanced Googling to Find Buried Information

Having trouble finding what you're looking for on these sites? You can search the website's content using Google, instead of the website's own search function.

Some search tips:

Search Google with domain operators to search government websites:

"snow removal", or

"snow removal"

"snow removal"

You can also search particular ministries/departments through Google:



Another approach is to search specific organization's websites for info on government as it relates to them:


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