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Researching Organizations, Stakeholders and Issues

Media Scanning Tools

Social Media Tracking Tools

Advanced Twitter Searching Tips

[search term] Filter:news

[search term] Filter:retweets

[search term] Near:[location]

[search term] Within:[distance]

To:[handle] from:[handle]

[search term] Since:[date]

[search term] Until:[date]

[search term] min_faves: [number]

[search term] min_retweets:[number]

[search term] :-)

[search term] :-(

[keyword] AND


#westjet filter:news

from:nenshi filter:retweets

#plasticfree near:Calgary

to:@nenshi since:2020-12-01 until:2021-01-10

To:@westjet :-(

"Rachel notley" -from:rachelnotley -@rachelnotley

[keyword] AND

Google Tips for Researching Organizations and Industries


Sometimes valuable information is buried in websites. Used advanced search techniques in Google to find what doesn't come up in a simple search.

Google Operators

site:          inurl:              intitle: "annual report" inurl:media immigration kananaskis intitle:sustainability

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Finding out about Media Outlets

These links may be helpful for your Media List

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Essential Guides

Get tips, tools and strategies for news searching, scanning and evaluating media from these guides by First Draft.

Keeping Up with Local News

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