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Databases with market, consumer and industry research

Three business databases with consumer and tourism research: 

IBISWORLD type in one or two words describing your industry or product for Canadian or US data. For example: concerts, travel, snowboarding, camping ... Click the "PDF" icon to save a report.

Passport GMID: product trends, consumer profiles, market research reports, company reports from Euromonitor. Search the box along the top of the page with terms such as:

consumer lifestyles colombia
demographics canada
lodging new zealand
online travel croatia
travel mexico
tourism brazil


Once you find a report:
1. Check the date (2015 - 2018 is preferred).
2. On the left you can convert documents to PDF to print or save. Do not save the web address. 
3. On the left click the triangles next to Related Articles and More Related Items for more documents.

Statista - worldwide statistics and reports

Tips: Try more than one database and Google with the same search. More business databases are found under the Articles/Database tab on the right of the page.

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