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MKTG 2150 - Finding consumer and product information

Below are three library databases with consumer profiles, trends, demographics and product research. Plus several useful websites and documents on psychographics from market research company Environics. All are high quality secondary sources. 

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  • Passport GMID: consumer profiles, trends and psychographics, and market research reports from Euromonitor. Look for the search box along the top of the page. Search examples:

​consumer canada
megatrends canada

footwear canada
luxury canada
menswear canada
childrenswear canada


Once you find a report:
1. Check the date (2021 - 2023 is preferred).
2. Download documents to PDF to print or save. Do not save the web address. 
3. Look for links that lead to "Related" content.

Reference examples:

Euromonitor. (2022). Megatrends in Canada. Passport GMID.
Euromonitor. (2023a). Consumer lifestyles in Canada. Passport GMID.
Euromonitor. (2023b). Headphones in Canada. Passport GMID.

Intext: (Euromonitor, 2023b, p. 6).

  • Statista: Statistics and reports. Search examples: camping canada, hiking canada, snowmobile, fishing, commuting, cyclists, children, luxury. TIPs: click "Source Link" to find more info. Canadian Target Audience reports are great for this assignment. 
  • IBISWorld - product and industry reports. Click the "Download arrow" to get the full report. 

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Psychographics (behaviours, beliefs, interests, values)

Google Searching

Google  and Google News search examples:

generation alpha canada
RVing canada
ecotourism trends
calgary bicycle commuters
commuter demographics canada
canadian parents
luxury trends
gen z spending canada

Assessing Sources
Practically all of the resources on this page are established market research companies or news sites. However, if you are using regular Google, you should double-check credibility. 

  • Author: who is the author and why have they provided this information? Is anyone quoted in the article? Are they an authority? If they provide statistics where did they get these from? For example, never quote Wikipedia directly but go to the original source for any facts or statistics. Is the source a legitimate news site? Most articles found through Google News are acceptable. Press releases for expensive market research reports do show up on Google News. You should be able to find a "free for MRU students" Canadian report on the first three databases on this page.

  • Date: use information that is no older than 3 years. The Covid-era (post 2021) has impacted most of this assignment.


III. Video for this section

MRU guide to APA citation and the MRU Guide to APA style (2023-2024).

Student Learning Services - book a 30 minute appointment with a learning strategist for writing or citation assistance or enroll in their free online APA workshop (75 minutes). 

If you use pdf documents its worth including the page number: (Environics, 2022, p. 77).
Click the Ask Us icon to chat live with someone in the library or visit the INFO desk on the first floor for more APA help.

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