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MGMT 2130 - Finding industry and company information

Databases - library databases have good industry and company information:

  • IBISWorld - Canadian and US industry reports. Some company profiles occur within each report. Try a search on a term generally describing the industry; e.g. grocery, coffee. It you can't find a Canadian report a US one may still be very useful. Click the "Download arrow" to get the full report.
  • Passport GMID - Global retail-related reports. Search general terms plus a country: E.g., food canada, pets canada, beer canada. Download all documents; do not save the web address. 

  • Statista - Statistics and reports. Search a company or a product; E.g.,:  uber, meal kits, electric cars. TIP: click "Source Link" to find more info. 

    Good company profile database:
  • Business source - articles and company profiles; industry reports. E.g. "fairmont hotels", costco. Includes SWOTs. Type in a company and then select SWOT under Source Type on the left.

To search more databases try the main page of the Business Guide


Google Searching

Many reputable publications have articles available via Google News. Search examples:

uber "financial post"
"best buy" ctv
"home depot" csr
loblaws corporate strategy


Or you can search within a publication's homepage. Some of these have access limits:

Bloomberg Businessweek / Financial Post / Fast Company

In order to make sure you are finding good secondary sources check:

  • Author: who is the author and why have they provided this information? Is anyone quoted in the article? Are they an authority? If they provide statistics where did they get these from? Is the source a legitimate news site? Most articles found through Google News are acceptable. Avoid press releases

  • Date: use information that is no older than 3 years. Newer is better for this assignment. 

Search every database at once

Search articles, books, multimedia & more

This is the same search box that is on the Library homepage. Once you've done a search, you can change the type of your results by clicking the filters on the right.

  • Check off Articles under the Resource Type filter to just see both popular and scholarly resources.
  • Check off Peer-Reviewed Journals under the Availability filter to find scholarly articles. Select Available online to retrieve full-text articles. 
  • Limit by publication date by using the Creation Date filter
  • Use the Advanced Search link to open an advanced search box for more precise searching

Here are direct links to reputable sources that are limited online but you can access free via the Library:

Bloomberg Businessweek - Search example: JN "Bloomberg Businessweek" AND pfizer
The Economist - mainly international issues
Forbes - Search example: JN "Forbes" and "social responsibility"
Globe and Mail - Canadian
Harvard Business Review - a great source on management concepts and solutions. Search example: JN "Harvard Business Review" and organizational structure
Toronto Star

Wall Street Journal


III. Video for this section

MRU guide to APA citation
Quick tip: find the answer with Google: apa style twitter, apa style "no date". Good answers usually come from Purdue's Owl, APA style blog, and websites that end in .edu

Student Learning Services - book an appointment with a learning strategist for in-depth writing or citation assistance. 


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