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SINV 2201 - Organization Case Study

Video for first assignment

Two good sources to search for secondary articles about your organization:

Google News
Canadian Newsstream - a library database with free articles from over 100 Canadian newspapers. 

Search examples:
"windmill microlending"
"telus spark" moser
"b corps" issues canada
"food banks" challenges canada

SINV 2201 - Research Paper

Video for research paper

Develop your search: Trying different keywords and using synonyms is important when searching. TIPS: enclose phrases in quotation marks for more precise results. If you use multiple synonyms separate them with or and enclose in parentheses. For example, one topic could be searched a number of ways:

"b corps"
"b corps" impact
"certified b corporations" 
"certified b corporations" (challenges or value)

"innovation labs" canada
"innovation labs" (roles or strengths or issues or problems)  

Resources to help: The differences between Scholarly/Popular/Trade publications and Is this scholarly? The Library also has information on conducting literature reviews that may be helpful. 

Below are two different ways to try searches to find scholarly and magazine articles. 

1. Google Scholar

Google Scholar will search the MRU library for scholarly articles.  Before using make sure its set up for off-campus use by following the Menu Icon --> Settings --> Library Links and add Mount Royal University (if not already there). 

Change the date in the top left of the page. 
If you find one good article make sure to "chain" by clicking Cited by and Related articles below the summary.
Besides providing links to articles in MRU databases, Google Scholar links to online repositories which contain articles the author has been allowed to upload. and ResearchGate are among the repositories searched by Google Scholar. These are still valid scholarly articles as long as they meet the criteria in Is This Scholarly

2. Search every database at once

Search articles, books, multimedia & more

This is the same search box that is on the Library homepage. Once you've done a search, you can change the type of your results by clicking the filters on the right.

  • Check off Articles under the Resource Type filter to just see both popular and scholarly resources.
  • Check off Peer-Reviewed Journals under the Availability filter to find scholarly articles. Select Available online to retrieve full-text articles. If you do not want to see any Scholarly articles click Exclude peer reviewed to the right of the Peer Reviewed box. 
  • Limit by publication date by using the Creation Date filter
  • Find related articles by clicking on the red arrows (when available)
  • Look for a Permalink to save the articles url.

Citation Help

Visit the MRU Library's Research Support for APA citation guides and tips:


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