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Innovation & Entrepreneurship Sprint

Video One: databases for secondary research

Three library databases with industry trends and consumer profiles: 

IBISWORLD type in one or two words describing the industry of your problem statement for Canadian or US research. Examples: events, human resources, grocery. Click the "PDF" icon to save a report.

Passport GMID: product trends, consumer profiles, market research reports, company reports from Euromonitor. Look for the search box along the top of the page. Search examples:

consumer canada
digital canada

food canada
women canada


Once you find a report:
1. Check the date (2020 - 2021 is preferred).
2. Convert documents to PDF to save. Do not save the web address. 
3. Look for links that lead to "Related" content.
4. Click on the "Industries" tab at the top for more terms to search.


Statista - worldwide statistics and reports. TIP: click "Source Link" to find more info. E.g, women technology, investing, online event, food security, staffing.

Tips: Try more than one database and Google with the same search. More databases are found under the Articles/Database tab on the right of the page. Search 100 databases at once in the search box on the Home page of the Library

Demographics and Psychographics

Video Two: Calgary demographics and psychographics


Psychographic (opinions, interests, values)

See also: Understanding PRIZM5 and Households for each group in: Calgary and Canada 2021 (you can upload this file into Google Sheets if you don't have Excel).

Google Scholar

Google Scholar will search the MRU library for scholarly articles.  Before using make sure its set up for off-campus use by following the Menu Icon --> Settings --> Library Links and add Mount Royal University (if not already there). 

Google and Google news

Google News and Google News Calgary search examples:
food insecurity canada



MRU guide to APA referencing

Quick tip: find the answer with Google: apa style twitter, apa style "no date". Good answers usually come from Purdue's Owl, APA style blog, and websites that end in .edu


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