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INBU 3302: Databases - current/credible/varied - International Marketing: international expansion

Video for researching countries & marketing mix 

Business Source Complete

To find country reports type and search a country in the search box. When results get displayed select the Country Reports box on the left hand side of the page below Source Type. 

Or, try searching using keywords:
spain "political risk"

To retrieve scholarly results check the box on the left: Scholarly (Peer Reviewed). Or search from the Library Home page or Google Scholar (more info below).

Passport GMID (Global Market Information Database)

Try the search box along the top of the page with terms such as:
taiwan pest
spain consumer
energy drinks brazil

beverages australia
tea brazil
taiwan packaging

Once you find a statistic or analysis:
1. Check the date (2020 or newer)
2. Download documents in PDF to print or save. Do not save the web address. 
3. Look for links for Related Articles and More Related Items for more documents.

APA reference examples:
Euromonitor. (2021a). Consumer lifestyles in Brazil.  Passport GMID.
Euromonitor. (2021b). Pest analysis: Taiwan.  Passport GMID.

Euromonitor. (2021c). Sports drinks in Spain
. Passport GMID.

Statista - statistics on all countries and many companies. Follow the "Source" link on the right to find more information. This link to Statista allows access to 100% content. 

Business Insights Essentials - company information

The web can be a good source of quality research, including statistical information. Useful, credible websites: 

Find scholarly (peer-reviewed) articles through the library


Search examples:
taiwan economy
mexico consumers

Resources to help: The differences between Scholarly/Popular/Trade publications and Is this scholarly?

This is the same search box that is on the Library homepage. Once you've done a search, you can change the type of your results by clicking the filters on the right.

  • Check off Articles under the Resource Type filter to just see both popular and scholarly resources.
  • Check off Peer-Reviewed Journals under the Availability filter to find scholarly articles. Select Available online to retrieve full-text articles. 
  • Limit by publication date by using the Creation Date filter
  • Find related articles by clicking on the red arrows (when available)
  • Use the Advanced Search link to open an advanced search box for more precise searching

Find scholarly (peer-reviewed) articles with Google Scholar

For off-campus access click the Menu icon on the left --> Settings --> Library links and add Mount Royal University. 
If you find one good article make sure to "chain" by clicking Cited by and Related articles below its summary.
Tip: determine if the article you've found is scholarly and Is this scholarly?


III. Video for this section

MRU guide to APA citation and the MRU Guide to APA style (2023-2024).

Student Learning Services - book a 30 minute appointment with a learning strategist for writing or citation assistance or enroll in their free online APA workshop (75 minutes). 

If you use pdf documents its worth including the page number: (Environics, 2022, p. 77).
Click the Ask Us icon to chat live with someone in the library or visit the INFO desk on the first floor for more APA help.


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