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General Information

The General Rules for users in the VR Lab are:  

  • Food and drink are not permitted within the VR Lab
  • You must remain within the designated virtual reality area during your session
  • Leave the door to the space open at al times
  • Adhere to any instructions and supports posted within the VR Lab 
  • Only one person per station per booking (to enable greater accessibility one support person is permitted during bookings 
  • Users may not download content on their own, instead connect with MMC staff or use the Recommend a Purchase form on the library website 

The Requirements for Users in the Experience Lab are:

  • Adhere to general rules of and any instructions and supports posted within the VR Lab 
  • Make a booking for a station before using the equipment 
  • Sign the Waiver of Liability 
  • User must have read the User Guide and Troubleshooting Guide before beginning VR
  • Users must be an MRU Staff, Faculty or current student
  • Users must be 16 years of age or older 

The space is small and each VR station is only designed to support one user at a time and there are only two stations. Ask any additional people who tag along to a booking will need to wait for the user someplace other than the VR Lab. 

The headsets available at the stations are Vive Cosmos headsets. This is a tethered headset that utilizes inside out tracking rather than sensors. It operates VR experiences through the STEAMVR platform. 

Setting up the VR Station

  1. Turn on the desktop, by pressing the round button on the tower (located left of the cd drive). 
  2. Ensure the monitor is on (look for a white light on the button right side of the monitor).  
  3. Log into the desktop. The password will be located on the monitor base.  
  4. The Vive Console should launch when you log in. If not, open the Vive Console using the shortcut on the bottom task bar.
  5. Open the SteamVR app using the shortcut on the desktop.
  6. Make sure that headset is connected to the computer via the link box. Ensure there is a green light on on the link box. If not, press the blue button. (Hint: to locate the link box follow the tether on the headset to the end)
  7. Turn the controllers on by pressing the Vive button on them.
  8. Check that VIVE hardware is being tracked in Vive Console. The status icons for the Headset and for each controller should indicate Ready when all hardware is tracked and ready to go.
  9. Enter VR mode in Steam by clicking the headset button (Hint: when you toggle this button it will be labeled ‘enter VR mode’) A second tracking console should appear.
  10. Check that VIVE hardware is being tracked in SteamVR 
  11. VR should now be ready to use

Accessing the VR Tutorial

The tutorial for the Vive Cosmos hardware is called ‘Origin’. 
To launch this tutorial, navigate to the Vive Console on the desktop 

  • Open the three lines menu
  • Select tutorial
  • Origin should launch and the user can go through with audio prompts

ALTERNATIVE In the Headset, direct user to Origin

  • Press the VIVE button on the right controller to open Lens
  • On the left side of Lens, select  > Go to Origin
  • Origin should open, but will not trigger audio prompts this way

Selecting an Experience

Most available experiences are located in the Steam Library. To access these from the monitor you’ll need to be in the Steam window.

  1. Ensure you are in the Library tab
  2. Find the title you would like
  3. Right click on the thumbnail
  4. Click Play
  5. The experience should load, with or without a preview, depending on how the experience was last played. If the experience does not load ensure that Steam is in VR mode. 

Cleaning the Headset

Use the UV Sanitizer, CleanBox, to sanitize the headset. Please do not use any wipes, water or soap on the headset as it could damage the sensors. 

  1. Open the CleanBox, place the headset and controllers inside 
  2. Press the button
  3. Cleaning takes 60 seconds
  4. Open and remove the items

Taking and Retrieving a Screen Capture in VR

It is possible to capture a screen capture of what is seen by the wearer in VR and export it as an image file. 

  1. To capture the image: Press the VIVE Button and pull the trigger on the controller at the same time. 
  2. To retrieve: 
    • Navigate to the Vive Console
    • Click the three lines menu button
    • Select Settings
    • Select General
    • Look for Screen capture
    • Select Open Folder
    • Your screen capture image file should now be downloadable

Displaying VR Preview on the monitor

It is possible to display a preview of what is seen by the wearer inside the headset display on the monitor. 

  1. Navigate to the Steam VR console
  2. Click the three lines menu button
  3. Select Display VR Preview
  4. Preview should now be visible. Use buttons on the display window to enter full screen mode if desired