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Teaching & Learning

Academic Media Lab

Video Recording & Editing Stations

Offers members of the MRU community essential resources to create DIY video projects and assignments.

Archives & Special Collections

Archival Records and Publications

Supports teaching, learning, and scholarship through the development of archival holdings and specialized library collections.

Audio Production Rooms

Audio Recording and Editing Studios

Create podcasts, record interviews, and edit audio and multimedia projects.

Data Hub

Collect, manage, analyse, store, and publish data

Centralized support for student and faculty use of numeric, qualitative, and spatial data throughout its lifecycle.

Experience Lab

Virtual Reality and 360° Technology

A creative space for students, faculty, staff and community to explore and experience virtual reality (VR), mixed reality (MR), and augmented reality (AR).

Ideas Lounge

Public Gathering Space With Touch Screen Display

A gathering space designed to support public lectures, presentations, workshops, showcases and other interactive events.

Immersion Studio

360º Learning Environment

This grey box room allows projection of images or information on all four walls of the room at the same time, creating a unique 360º experience for teaching, learning and research.

Maker Studio

3D Printers, Cutting Tools, Electronics, Sewing Tools, & More

A makerspace open to students, faculty, staff and community users to explore ideas and concepts.

Quiet Reading Rooms

Study Area

Our two quiet classic reading rooms provide contemplative, inspirational, and serene spaces for independent study, deep thought, and concentration.

Visualization Classroom

Private Classroom With Touch Screen Display

Features one of our two resident visualization walls - a large-scale high-resolution digital display that joins 15, 55” LCD monitors to create one large screen.


Group Rooms

These rooms provide the space and technology to facilitate and support group or collaborative work and study

Other Spaces

Library spaces in the Riddell Library and Learning Centre are designed to support the learning, teaching, and scholarship-related activities of our students, staff, faculty, and community