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Google Cardboard

Experience Virtual Reality with a Smartphone


Google Cardboard is a simple, inexpensive and accessible headset/viewer that uses the power of a smartphone to create a virtual reality experience.  The cardboard headset has 3 degrees of freedom and offers a stationary viewing experience. 

For more information on the cardboard visit the Google AR/VR page.


  • Cardboard Headset
  • Lenses
  • Side button
  • Smartphone, supplied by the user



  1. Download the Google Cardboard app to your phone.
  2. Launch the Google Cardboard app on your phone by clicking on the icon. 
  3. Place your phone into the front flap of the viewer
  4. Adjust the volume, and attach headphones if desired. 



  1. Hold the Cardboard up your face and look through the lenses in the two eyeholes.
  2. Navigate through the Cardboard menu by turning your head left or right. While using an app, turning your head will change your view. 
  3. Use the small button on the left side of the cardboard to select. 
  4. Turn the entire Cardboard to the right to return to the main menu at any time. 


Though it is simplistic in design, alot can be done with the Cardboard.


  • Use Google Cardboard to view YouTube 360-degree content
  • Pair with Google Tour Creator to create a project with your own 360° footage or Google Street View content. 
  • Use the cardboard to view experiences using the Google Expeditions app that are created in Google Tour Creator VR and published to poly 
  • Integrate VR into classes easily and accessibly by using the cardboard classpack (40) to share faculty or student created VR content 


You may borrow a pack of two viewers or a classpack with forty viewers from the Experience Lab. Both the two packs and the classpack can be booked online through the library website


If you have any questions, would like to check out the equipment/software, or just come and try out more technology visit the experience lab during open hours