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Microsoft Hololens

Untethered Mixed Reality Headset


The Hololens projects digital information and objects into the physical world using a transparent display. These digital objects are superimposed upon the physical environment and users can interact with both the digital and the physical simultaneously. 

Currently, the hololens has limited applications and support as this device is currently released for developers but not for consumers.


  • Dual holographic display
  • Environmental sensing sensors
  • 2-3 hours of battery
  • 35° Field of View
  • Directional audio

Note: To sign on the device you need a microsoft account. 


Find the Hololens Tutorial Video here. Note: This is a 2D representation of something that occurs in 3D space. 

Find out what is possible with the Hololens here.



The Hololens uses two groups of buttons and a single power button for control.

The main power button is located on the back of the left arm, hold it to start up; tap to see battery level. The Brightness buttons are on the top of the left arm, and the volume buttons are on the top of the right arm. 


Diagram of Hololens depicting button locations.



When using the hololens, the user sees a white dot or circle. This operates as a cursor that follows the users gaze. Gestures (see below) can be used to simulate holding down the cursor/a click.

There are three gestures when using the MR headset are Ready, Air Tap and Bloom


Diagram depicting the two main motions of an Airtap



Diagram depicting two main motions of a Bloom.


The ready gesture indicates you are ready to interact with a hologram. To make this gesture, make a fist then put pointer finger straight up.

An airtap selects at the location of the white dot/circle. To make this gesture lower finger, then quickly raise it. 

The bloom gesture opens the start menu, helpful to re orientate yourself. To make this gesture bring all fingers together then open up hand.


You may use or borrow a Microsoft Hololens (or other XR equipment) in the Experience Lab. The equipment can be booked online through the library website


If you have any questions, would like to check out the equipment/software, or just come and try out more technology visit the experience lab during open hours