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Oculus Rift

Virtual Reality Headset


The Oculus rift is a fully immersive VR headset with built in ear pieces and touch controllers. The system runs off the power of a PC via the cord that connects the headset. 
The Rift uses room scale tracking. This means that the both users position, via the headset, and the users movement, via the controllers, are tracked. This allows users a highly immersive experience as they can physically move around while in an experience in the virtual space. The Guardian system ensures they do not come into contact with physical objects while exploring the virtual space. 


  • Roomscale motion tracking capability
  • 6 degrees of freedom 
  • 110 degree diagonal field of vision
  • Responsive Wireless Controllers 
  • Built in audio set


  • Headset with build in spatial audio
  • Pair of Touch Controllers
  • Two tabletop sensors

NOTE: A high powered PC or laptop is required to power the Rift. Find the recommended specifications from the manufacturer here


Download the Oculus Software here

Find support to set up the rift, including setting the guardian, here.

The Oculus Rift pairs with Oculus Touch controllers. The remotes are hand sensitive. The basic functions for the remote buttons can be found below. Please keep in mind that the controls for each experience and experience type can vary. To become accustomed to the controls and the experience of the Rift it is recommended you try the Oculus First Contact experience.   

Oculus Touch Basic Functions:

Trigger, A and X buttons: Press to select things.
B and Y : Press to go back to the previous screen or menu.
Oculus button: Press to go back to Oculus Home or press and hold to reset your controller orientation.
Grip button: Press to grab objects or make a fist when using your virtual hands.
Menu button: Press the menu button from Oculus Home to bring up the menu.
Any button will wake up the controller after you turn on your headset.

Find support for Oculus Touch here

Visit us in the Experience Lab for an in person walk through or to use the Rift with our lab computers during lab hours.

Oculus App

The Oculus App allows users to set up their headset, purchase and install experiences, pair controllers and their headset and cast the headset view to their mobile devices. 

Download the app here

Oculus App Troubleshooting Tips:

  • The headset and the mobile device must be connected to the same wifi network when using the Oculus app with the headset.
  • The App requires a smartphone running iOS 10 or 6.0 Marshmallow or higher. 

NOTE: There are free and paid experiences for the Oculus. 


The use of Virtual Reality experience demands certain safety considerations, especially if potential users have preexisting medical conditions. Please review these considerations carefully (found here).

For users in the Experience Lab, we request you complete our waiver (found here) before use.

Guardian System 

The Rift’s ‘Guardian’ system is designed to keep users within defined boundaries, called the play area, to account for the parameters and objects of the physical world. Essentially it prevents users bumping into walls while immersed in the experiences the Rift offers by warning users if they approach the edge, or step out, of the play area. If the user approaches the edge of the defined play area, the headset view will display a translucent grid to alert them.

The Rift will prompt users to set up the guardian boundary before use. During set up the Rift will walk users through setting up the Guardian. Support for setting up the Guardian can be found here.

If you use the headset in the Experience Lab, our staff will have set up the guardian in advance for you.  


You may borrow an Oculus Rift (or other XR equipment) for curricular use from the Experience Lab. You may borrow an Oculus Rift from the Service Desk for non-curricular use. The equipment can be booked online through the library website


If you have any questions, would like to check out the equipment/software, or just come and try out more technology visit the experience lab during open hours